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Consumer know-how of design trends has never been so great.
Nor has it ever been so easily accessible.
That‘s why you need a resource that gives you a large variety of not only choice, but possibility.
The possibility to create furniture that stands out against your competition... that gives you the edge.
The possibility to create combinations that others don‘t have the foresight to see.

We hope you‘ll be inspired with what‘s inside this new collection – and if you‘re
looking for new ideas to stimulate your range or offer, we‘re sure there‘s plenty to
recharge your imagination.


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  • The new Egger Decorative Collection for 2017 can now be viewed online and is available from stock. All orders for stock items placed by 5.00pm are also elgible for FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY (no minimum order).



Find out how to use colour and texture combinations that reflect current thinking in a highly competitive marketplace.

Surface texture is becoming mroe and more important, with customers wanting the latest design trends that not only look, but fel like the real thing. With this trend sees the introduction of two striking oak designs that are a true representation of rustic solid wood.

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Panelco also offer a FREE SAMPLES SERVICE on all decorative items within our range. If you have seen a decor/s in Egger's new collection that you would like to receive a sample of, please make your request via our online Samples Request form and you're request will be dealt with by our sales team.

Electronic Brochures

Electronic copies of new Egger Decorative Collection Brochures 2017 - 2019 are also now available to download online, you can find them here.

Please note that many of the decors shown in the Specification and Shopfitting Brochure are to 'Special Order Only' and not ex-stock items, therefore will not show on the pages of our website.

UK Furniture Manufacturing Collection 2017 - 2019

Specification & Shopfitting Collection 2017-2019

Egger's Existing Collection

If you would like to familiarise yourself with all of the changes you can expect to see to the existing Egger range of MFC, Laminate and Edging then please download our Egger Decorative Collection - Review document which summarises all of the changes happening this year.
As you will see some decors are being phased out and the structure of some decors is also changing. If you would like to check stock levels of these particular decors, please contact our sales team. 


As Egger have also re-named a number of their existing decors, we have compiled a summary of all decor name changes for you to download here.